About the Farmer

Sumith – The Founder of FAB NUTMEG

There is no need to use a formula to prove their success . And there is no need to use scorecard to determine who made the list . Kerala is always the best place for cultivating anything. Here we are going to introduce a successful Farmer. His name is Sumith. He cultivated Nutmeg but its looks like a Mango, The interesting part of this item is the size of the Nutmeg. That’s why its compare to mango. Approximately 70-73 is the 1 kg of Nutmeg and 300-360 is the 1 kg of Nutmeg’s Mace. Reproduction and growth is the key feature of Nutmeg .He is staying in adimally. This new item is introduced by Maathalippara M S Sumith to this world .And he named as FAB.


Before 20 years ago, he got this idea. Finally he got 4 seeds .And try to sow the seed. But the only1 item was too long plant after cultivation .And he decided to experiment with that plant . He bud with varieties of nutmeg by using this Plant and produced new items . And he has 60 varieties of bud plant. If you wish to by plants from sumith,he is ready to make this.and he is paying only 5$.Normal Nutmeg needs 350-400 for 1 kg. But FAB needs only 70-73 for 1 kg. He is also keeping natural nutmeg .Now he has 60 nutmeg. At the same time he is also cultivating coconut tree, Pepper, Theobroma cacao. He using Casing, Cow-dung, Born powder, Veppin pinnakku, Jaggery as fertiliser . His family is the strength of all of these things. His wife is reji and he has 2 children arun and arunimma.

He received many awards from different areas.   

1. Rural Technology action group,IIT Madras and peerumede socitey.(PDS)

2. Best farmer award 2017 from krishibhavan vellathooval

3. Nethaji farmers club ,Anaviratty.

4. Sree narayana cultural forum SN Club charitable society,Adimaly.

Modern technology adopted through farming system mode can generate very high income. The challenges of rainfedareas thus can be converted into opportunities provided the supply of necessary inputs is insured and if the farm is located near big city which provides better market for the various farm products . For efficient use of inputs including fertilisers farming system approach is the answer.